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ELBA students have a full Spanish Curriculum base in children interest. We focus on a play-base curriculum, Preschool children learn many social skills, such as sharing, taking turns and conflict resolution, through play.

These skills are incorporate in Spanish-English for them to be able to express themselves with their peers. These skills are critical to their educational success: Children who master these skills before kindergarten entry, are able to focus on the increasingly academic nature of the early elementary school curriculum. .


4 hours of immersion in Spanish.
Qualified, dedicate and experienced staff.
Vibrant and fun classroom to learn while playing.
Fresh and healthy snack

Creatively Learning

Creativity is the key to solving a problem and acquiring that experience that makes up learning. This is where the Montessori method comes in, which is developed around the principles of freedom, initiative, autonomy or will, the advantages of creative learning.

        1. Efficiency when solving problems.
        2. Greater capacity for innovation.
        3. Better adaptability.
        4. Positively influences self-esteem Helps express emotions

Quality Results

        1. Stimulate the individual capacities of each child, recognizing that children learn in different ways, adapting to their learning styles.
        2. Develop children’s autonomy and independence, enhancing children’s self-regulation.
        3. Active learning will make children the protagonists of their learning.
        4. Cooperative learning, reinforcing cooperation.
        5. Children learn to enjoy their freedom by following the basic rules to maintain order.
        6. The child will learn to analyze his work, so that he can recognize, correct and learn from his mistakes.
        7. “The first task of education is to shake life, but leaving it free to develop,” said Maria Montessori. An environment rich in stimuli will be created that will give children freedom, so that they can unleash their creativity. By not being afraid of error and stimulating discovery, children will further develop their imagination and creativity.

Experienced Staff

        1. Educators encourage children to work with others so that each student can learn from the other in an environment of respect and collaboration.
        2. Educators will provide the necessary tools to children to acquire habits that promote their autonomy and social skills through learning guided by their interests.
        3. Educators take advantage of their different levels of development to encourage collaborative learning in activities of daily living, mathematics, and language.

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